Our annual Turkey Bowl (Thanksgiving Morning)

 will be at Forsyth Fields and starts at 9:30 and will

 play for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. We can have 2 games

 going one for adults and one for parents and kids,

 so let's go and have some fun before we pack on

 the pounds from a great Thanksgiving meal.






Congratulations to our SECJSA 2014 Award winners.

Cooper Pazzaglia and Delanie Mae Fresco-Hawes are our youth award winners.

 Michael Lovdahl is our adult volunteer winner this year.












Many happy faces from our 8th Annual Turkey Cup.

Old and new faces played with great enthusiasm before their big Thanksgiving

meal this morning. Special thanks to Rob Wright for MC-ing

 again this year and also the Liangs for making the trip down from

 Boston just for this event. It has been a great event for several years now

and we hope to continue this for several more.

Thank you all for making this event feel like a family get together!!!


Meeting Schedule

Monthly meetings have been scheduled for the fourth Monday of every month!
Salem Volunteer Firehouse
424 Hartford Road
Salem, CT 06420

7:00 p.m.